ICD-9 Coding Automation Software Saves Thousands Of Man Hours

Custom ICD-9 Coding automation software saves clinics thousands to millions of man hours. The software reads the file of thousands of reports and fee sheets and separates them into collated exams. The parsing engine pulls information like procedure codes, doctor up-ins, POS, Dept, etc.. into a data file associated with each exam. This process happens nightly. The original source files are stored in a backup location.

In the morning, coders come in and are presented each exam in order of date, insurance type, and department (POS-DEPT). This saves hours in printing and sorting by hand. The coder need only look at the procedure code and skim the report to enter the appropriate ICD-9 code and hit next. If additional procedures need to be added, they can be on the fly. Data checks are performed before the exam is passed on to the next process. Coders can add a note to each exam for reference at other stages of the process. The report and fee sheet can be toggled for viewing with a single click of the mouse.

The exam then goes to enhancing for insurance and demographic verification. There are 2 virtual bins for exams that are missing information or have follow up exams associated with them. Fields can still be edited at this point for correcting up-ins and attending physician codes.

The exam goes to charging where it is presented again in sorted order. The exam can be entered into the charging software’s fields manually or using a custom add-on, can be pasted with a single click of the mouse.

That night, all batched/charged exams are converted into pdf format and stored in a searchable history folder.

This software can easily double or triple coding and charging speed.